Picture Book Activity Books

I have co-authored 9 picture book activity books with Mari Nakamura that will be released on 27th September, 2017.

These books are closely linked to the series of 9 picture books published by mpi Phonics.

The artwork in the activity books was produced by the same illustrators who illustrated each picture book so the artwork, storyline and text are all preserved and developed in the activity books.

The activities focus on the 21st century skill set and active learning for young leanrners of English and there are hundred of many original activities, such as creating a turtle shell, designing a snake, racing to collect the missing five little ducks, tracking to the end of long milkshake straws, observing nature and everyday surroundings and self-expression. The activities are in English but the instructions are in English and Japanese.

Orders can be made here:

Amazon activity books


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A Trip to Grandma's House (new picture book)


How can the shapes help the family of bears visit Grandma?

Children can enjoy seeing the bears' adventure and the objects made by the shapes in this new picture book that I co-authored with Mari Nakamura (illustrated by Chiiko Watanabe and published by mpi).



The book can be used by parents or teachers for children to learn the names for shapes and enjoy making their own pictures from shapes.


The book includes a CD with narration, rhythm reading and song and can be ordered on these links:

Amazon Japan 


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Can We Be Friends? New picture book release

I wrote the newly released picture book for young learners "Can We Be Friends?" (published by mpi and illustrated by Fumie Maejima) together with Mari Nakamura.


It is the story of a friendship between a cat and turtle. Can they be friends even though the things they can do are quite different? 


Children will enjoy trying out the actions illustrated in the book and following the friendship between the cat and turtle as it develops. It can help young learners of English to understand how to use the "I can.." and  "I can't..." structures and can be used as a basis for many classroom activities if used for teaching.


The book includes a CD with narration of the story, rhythm reading and a song.


Available from Amazon Japan or mpi





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Four Seasons on the Farm

My latest book, Four Seasons on the Farm, hot off the press!
I tried to capture the joy of the four seasons in the countryside seen through the eyes of children. Chiharu Ban made some beautiful illustrations for the story. This book is in Stage 5 of the Worldwide Kids materials produced by Benesse and includes a CD and animated DVD of the story.


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Release of new book - Milkshake Shake!

Yesterday, Milkshake Shake was released by mpi (English education and publishing company.)
Milkshake Shake is a fun story with rhythm and rhyme suitable as a first English picture book for small children.
Mrs. Cow enjoys making milkshake with her 3 children (calves!) and also enjoys a dance...

I co-wrote the story with Mari Nakamura who I also teamed up with to write Lily and the Moon.
The book is illustrated by Yoshiaki Ikebe.
It's also available on Amazon.

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Two new picture e-books

Recently BowBooks released two of my earlier picture books as e-books that can be downloaded from itunes/ibooks.
The first one is Peter the Lonely Pineapple, originally published in 2002. The story is about a pineapple who wants to make friends with the strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges and grapes but is left out of the groups as he is a pineapple and "different."
screenshot 1


The second one is Princess Lizzie, the story of a lizard who believes she is a princess.
The other creatures tell her that she is not a princess but Lizzie does not give up her dream.
                                            Princess Lizzie                                                         


I wrote and illustrated the stories mainly for young children who are learning English as a second or foreign language so the language is simple and helpful (e.g. the names of fruit or creatures found in the garden) and in each story I have something that I'd like to convey to children, something I think is important for young children to think about.
Peter the Lonely Pineapple is about not leaving others out and Princess Lizzie is about believing in yourself.
The pictures are simple and child-like collage-style and hopefully give children some inspiration to draw or make their own pictures. 

The Japanese versions of both books are also available.


And the paper versions of both books are available from englishbooks.jp (Japan only)

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Stacy Strawberry 電子版絵本

多聴多読マガジン 2009年8月号別冊『英 語の絵本 読 み聞かせスタートブック』の綴じ込み付録絵本 Stacy Strawberry が音声付きデジタル絵本になりました.
The picture book "Stacy Strawberry" that I wrote for inclusion in the "Picture Book Reading Starter Book" (2009) for the Cosmopier publishing company has now been made into an e-book with narration.


イ チゴの Stacy Strawberry は友だちの Peter Pineapple に とても憧れています。 Stacy もパイナップルになりたいと思っています。
大きくて黄色い 体、トゲトゲのりっぱな髪の毛……。
Stacy はパイナップルになるために、いろいろなおもしろい工夫をします。

The story is about Stacy the Strawberry who wants to become a pineapple like her friend, Peter Pineapple, who she adores...but can Stacy become big and yellow like a pineapple? What can she do to make her hair spiky?
Can Stacy Strawberry really become a pineapple?
As well as the unusual story, young children enjoy the repetition, the lively characters hand-made from light clay and the names of the fruit.

The e-book can be downloaded from the Cosmopier online shop.


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Lily and the Moon has been launched!

 My latest picture book, Lily and the Moon, co-authored with Mari Nakamura, has now been published and you can read more details about the book on my web-site.

http://patricia-oe.com/works_e.html (English)

http://patricia-oe.com/works_j.html (Japanese)

I created the artwork for this story by combining my own hand-made washi (Japanese paper) for the background and the characters were hand-crafted from clay.


If you want to order the book directly from the online book supplier, englishbooks.jp - here is the link:


So far, the book is only available in Japan but the publisher, ELF Learning, is working on getting an international distribution network set up.
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